Saturday, 10 January 2009

I Think My Wife’s A Calvinist

To kick off The Third Witness Virtual Folk Club, I’d like to dedicate this gem of a song to Gavin, Dennis and all other theologically-inclined visitors with a sense of humour as we start the year that marks the 500th aniversary of the birth of John Calvin. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome... Brandon Milan and his Calvinist wife! (Hat tip: Internet Monk.)


Gavin said...

Ach du liebe! I have a post stacked for later this month on the subject of this grate man... grate being the intended spelling. I imagine that where you're based 3W this will be a major event.

Anyway, here's the opening paragraph of my forthcoming tribute. I do hope it's fulsome enough...

"Calvin is one of the truly great figures who have impacted on Western civilization, as I'm sure you'll agree. Together with Hobbes they form one of the finest teams in comic strip literature."


The Third Witness said...

Hi, Gavin. What an amazing coincidence! Yes, I think we’ll be hearing quite a lot about CALVIN09 in this part of the world.

I was just going to say “You don’t mean the Hobbes of ‘Leviathan’ fame by any chance, do you?” – but then I discovered that apparently the cartoon character is indeed modelled on the famous British philosopher! I must confess I’d never realised that before, so the joke was most definitely on me. You really do learn something new every day.

This astounding revelation prompts another thought: could ‘Leviathan’ be the missing link between Calvin and Hobbes?

Looking forward to seeing how your article evolves!

Ghost of Michael Servetus said...

In the kitchen I have a picture of Calvin. Hobbes says to Calvin.

"Aren't you supposed to be doing your homework?"

Calvin says, "I pretty sure that assignment was optional."

Hobbes says, "Denial Springs Eternal."

Calvin says, "It's not denial, I'm just very selective about the reality I accept."


The other Calvin...who cares. He was the Gestapo of Geneva.

The Third Witness said...

Ghost, from what I’ve heard, Geneva under Calvin wasn’t exactly Utopia, even for those who did not meet your awful “fate”. I’m just glad (understatement!) to have the opportunity to live in an altogether more tolerant age. Hate to think what I might have been getting involved in back then – assuming I’d had sufficient power and enough certainty that I was “right”. I really believe we’d all do well to take the quotation at the top of my blog seriously and our own pet ideas a little less seriously.

Great cartoon, by the way!